Bytown Ski Club Annual General Meeting, 29 September 2014

Perry Pavlovic, Rick Nelson, Pankaj Jain, Andre Demers, Bill Reed, Russ Brown, Albert Chen, Ko Nalamura, Doug
Wasson, Fletcher Thomson, Michael Mayer, Wayne Getchell, Jerry Dain, Lynda Byce
Arlington Community centre
See Rick’s presentation

Rick Nelson presented a summary of what the club ran or accomplished in the 2013-2014 season.

The treasurer gave a report on the bank balance. The balance did not include the cost of the MSM tickets that we sold last year.

Next year’s executive will be:

President: Rick Nelson

Vice-president: Bob Einarsson

Chairman: Perry Pavlovic

Treasurer: Andre Demers and Perry Pavlovic

Secretary: Russ Brown

Additional primes:

Week long trip and Data Entry: Wayne Getchell

Ticket sales: Doug Wasson

Ski Max: Bob Einarsson (back-up Bill Reed)

Pankaj Jain will contact the Carleton Skiclub about participation in our ski trips

Advertising: open

Discounts — Store and Hill: Perry Pavlovic

Emails (info account): Perry Pavlovic

Cross-country prime: Bill Reed

Registration: Reinhart and Ko Nakamura plus company primes

Ottawa SkiShow: Rick Nelson – already looking for people to man the booth

The meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.