Bytown Ski Club Annual General Meeting, 26 September 2016

Rick Nelson, Russ Brown, Ko Nakamura, Mike Mayer, Bill Reed, Reinhard Rosch, Bob Einarsson, Perry Pavlovic, Andre Demers, Wayne Getchell, Rosalind Reid, Gail Todd, Jim Stevenson
Perry’s office, 1749 Woodward Drive
  1. Club activities: Bob Einarsson
    • Bob presented a summary of the club activities for the last season
      • Details in the attached presentation, but major points are summarized below
    • Membership:
      • last season was 1354 total (915 adults / 439 children, 51 exec and volunteer non-paying)
      • 2014/2015 membership was 1184 total
    • Web site update:
      • PowerUp fee structure ended up somewhat different from and more expensive than our initial understanding
        • corrected charges are factored into event pricing for 2016/17
      • desired web improvements:
        • simplify the event SKU’s
        • would like a content management system to totally replace our old ski web system, which is difficult to maintain and use
        • improve PowerUp reporting
          • generate and make available a confirmation list for events
    • Tickets
      • Tremblant: 1400 sold (1700 last season), profit of $1078
      • Jay Peak: 29 sold (not sold last season), profit of $101.15
    • Lessons:
      • Note: costs to club (member subsidies) higher than planned due to higher than expected PowerUp fees)
      • Camp Fortune: 184 (vs 243 previous season) cost to club $2186.49
      • Vorlage: 11 ( vs 29 last season), cost to club $643.19
      • Cascades: 1 (vs 10 last season), cost to club $5.56
      • general discussion: Do we want to continue offering lessons at Vorlage and Cascades?
    • Camp Fortune passes
      • 18 Day, 11 Night, 9 Almost Anytime: net profit of $493.55
    • Trips:
      • 7 cancelled, including the weekend Quebec City trip (only 20 signed up)
      • only 2 trips went: Tremblant (53) and Whiteface (54); trip profit was $234
      • general discussion: trips may be more successful if planned trip list was available sooner
        • Rick: can’t finalize pricing early (bus cost, etc.) but will plan to have a trip list ready for the Ski Show
  2. Finances: Andre Demers
    • end of season bank balance was $27,880, up $3300 from the start of the season
    • there was some question if all of the 2015/16 season bills had been covered, and if funds and/or invoices for the Camp Fortune early 2016/17 registration last spring was included
  3. Executive for next year:
    • except for treasurer, those holding executive positions last year are willing to stay on for another season.
    • Bill Reed nominated Perry Pavlovic for treasurer, seconded by Rick Nelson. No further nominations, so Perry, it’s yours!
    • the executive for 2016/17 is then:
      • President: Bob Einarsson
      • Vice President: Glenn Parsons
      • Chairperson: Rick Nelson
      • Secretary: Russ Brown
      • Treasurer: Perry Pavlovic
    • there was a question from the floor concerning term limits for executive members
      • the limit is 3 years, not exceeded by anyone in the above list
  4. Additional Tasks:
    • Andre and Perry will pick up the hill / store discount function from Liz
    • Perry is looking after the club Facebook account
    • Rick: will line up volunteers for the ski show
    • Reinhard has membership cards ready to go
    • ** Need someone to look after publicity and outreach to get new members
    • How to find volunteers for club tasks?
      • a general discussion came up with the following suggestions:
        • create a tab on the club website that lists volunteer positions available and provides a means for contact
        • include a volunteer job list in email blasts

Meeting Adjourned: moved by Rick Nelson, seconded by Bob Einarsson