Direct all ski club enquiries as follows:

Club information/General Inquiries

Tickets – If you have a specific question about tickets, please contact the Tickets Prime

Trips – If you have a specific question about a trip, please contact the Trips Prime

Lessons – If you have any questions about ski lessons at a specific location, please contact the Lessons Prime

General – For any other questions, email is the preferred method of contact. Send all email enquiries to our General Mailbox.

Event applications

External Mail – Application forms and other items can be mailed via Canada Post as follows:

Bytown Ski Club, Event #__
2 Hobin Street
Stittsville, ON K2S 1C4

Note: If you mail your application in, please leave adequate time for the mail system to get the mail to us. We are not responsible for applications that are stuck in the mail when an application deadline arrives.

If you need to get an application to us in a hurry please read the following:

We are regularly asked by members if there is an executive member to whom they could hand deliver an application. Due to the interruption this causes to our regular jobs, we have to refuse deliveries to our desks. As it happens, dropping off applications to executive is actually not very efficient. Since there are many people on the executive, of whom only one or 2 deal with any given event, it’s very unlikely that your closest executive would be the correct d your application to the correct person by mail, negating any time savings you might have obtained. However, there are 2 ways to speed up your delivery. The first one will be as fast or faster than dropping it off to one of us…

For express mail service: (Same day delivery)

One of our executives has offered the use of his office to handle general mail delivery as well receive forms when hand delivery is chosen as the option or is needed due to time constraints.

The hours of operation are Monday to Friday 9 am until 8 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. until 5:00 pm. As the building being used is a Coldwell Banker Real Estate Office please put attention “Bytown Ski Club” on the outside of the envelope and it will be given to the executive who works out of that office. The address to hand deliver forms is 2 Hobin Street, Stittsville, ON K2S 1C4.

If you hand deliver the forms and the office is closed please ensure the forms are in an envelope and slide the envelope thru the mail slot on the front door. When the office opens up the next day the mail will be given to the executive who works out of that office.

Web page issues

If you notice a problem with the web page or have any comments please send an email to our Webmaster with the subject “Web Comments”. Please do not contact any one member of the Ski Club Executive directly, as this causes interruptions in their regular jobs.