Frequently asked questions

Bytown Ski Club FAQ

1) Memberships/Events

How do I join the Bytown Ski Club?

See “Club Registration” for details.

How do I get a membership card?

Membership cards are printed from the member zone; see the membership page for more details.

How do I apply for a Bytown Ski Club event?

See “Event Registration” for details.

Do I get a refund if I miss a trip?

See Refunds document.

Can I get a receipt for payment to the Club?

If you paid by credit card, the Member Zone has records of your past orders. For cheque payments, according to general financial rules, including Revenue Canada, your cashed cheque is sufficient as a receipt. For memberships, your membership card is your proof of payment.

Why is there only one pick-up location for bus trips?

We are trialing having a pickup spot at Isabella and Metcalfe once again. There is no agreement for parking at the Loblaws; you must find street parking.

2) Email and other Communications

My email address changed, who do I contact?

Log into your account in the Member Zone, select “Profile”, “Edit My Profile”, and change your email address.

3) Prices

Will the trip prices change during the year?

It has always been the Bytown Ski Club’s policy to avoid increasing prices as every effort is made to anticipate costs at the beginning of the season; however, it is sometimes necessary to change prices on events if our suppliers change their prices or other conditions change.