Pre-Season Ticket/Pass Sales

Note: The ski club can offer these prices on tickets only through bulk orders to the hill. Your tickets will be ordered when the nearest ordering deadline has been reached, but not before. Once the tickets have been received from the hill, you will be notified by email (the email that you registered with) as to when and where you can pick them up. In general, we do not mail them as they are quite valuable and if lost in the mail somewhere they are not replaceable. We cannot be held responsible for them. If you live outside of the national capitol region, we will mail them to you. You can however purchase shipping by Canada Post if you wish to have them delivered. The ski club is not responsible for any loss of tickets via mail or courier.

As for deadlines, please note that your application is not considered to be received until we actually have the payment. If you wish to pay by cheque, please bear in mind that you will need to mail your order to us in plenty of time for the mail to arrive at our mail box before the deadline.