Day trips

Details for all day trips, including pickup location and time. There must be at least 20 registered participants by the commit date in order for a trip to proceed. We plan to offer day trips, but currently we do not have a schedule available. Please note that due to Covid restrictions we will be restricting the number of participants on the buses. We will be restricting the number of “bus only” participants to ensure that we have enough full participants to obtain the group ticket pricing.

Destination Day Date Commit date Signed up Price Notes
Adult Senior Age 6–17 Bus-only

PD days are for elementary schools in both public and separate school boards.

Self-drive trips

We are planning on having one or more of these, but don’t currently have a schedule

Big White British Columbia Week Long Trip

See the Big White 2022 page

Past week long trips

St. Anton-Arlberg 2020

See the 2020 Austria trip page for a summary of the trip to St. Anton–Arlberg, Austria.

Soll, Austria week-long trip 2019

See the 2019 Austria trip page for a summary of the trip to Soll, Austria in the Ski Welt region.

Saalbach, Austria week-long trip 2018

See the 2018 Austria trip page for a summary of the trip.